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Summer Concert

Congratulations - this was even better than the Christmas Concert!!

No more lessons or rehearsals until the New Term - Have a good Holiday

  • Music Notice Board - between the entrance to PE and the Staffroom
  • On this website - see under Instrumental Lessons for each instrument
  • On the plasma screens


What Happens in the Music Department -

Classroom Lessons - At KS3 pupils have one 50 minute lesson a fortnight. For KS4, students opt to follow a GCSE course - presently the AQA Syllabus-  and have four 50 minute lessons a week. For students having Instrumental or vocal lessons in school who opt to follow a GCSE course, the cost of these lessons will be covered up to February Half-term of Year 11.

Instrumental Lessons - Woodwind; Keyboard; Brass; Percussion; Guitar & Singing

Extra-Curricular Activities - Choir; Band; Various Ensembles - including Sax Group.

Members of Staff:

Mrs Hetherington (Head of Music) Classroom teacher KS3 & 4, Woodwind and Keyboard

Ms Field Singing Tutor 

Mr Curzon - Guitar

Mr Kelly - Percussion


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