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Welcome to the Geography Department

The Department

We offer a stimulating and dynamic geography course which utilises the latest technologies and world events to compliment the theory of the world we live in. As well as core geography we explore more contemporary issues such as the impacts of global sport, the effects of global fashion and the issues of crime at a range of scales. Students enjoy being taught in the department and their feedback is positive.

Following school policy, we deliver Key Stage 3 Geography in Years 7 and 8, with GCSE being delivered over three years (we teach OCR Specification B at GCSE)

We offer fieldwork opportunities both within the local area and the north west region. we also run a bi-annual international fieldtrip. Our trips to Sicily and Iceland are very popular and offer students the opportunity to explore different cultures and their lifestyle.

We have an active Twitter feed which allows our students access to the most current geographical research and allows us to collaborate with other institutions around the world.


The Department consists of two full time and two part time members of staff:

Mr M Hamilton (Head of Department) 

Mrs K Williams

Mr J Thorp

Mrs R Ward


The department has a bank of 15 laptop computers which are available for students to extend their learning as well as providing opportunites to use GIS software to develop their skills and to answer questiosn as they arise. Our dedicated classrooms are WIFI enabled too, allowing students to use their own compatable devices when appropriate.

We have a collection of atlases and textbooks to support learning. It is not unusual to find students completing extra work in the department outside of normal school hours or at lunchtime.

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