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How do you feel about bullying?

Do you think our school deals with bullying in the best possible way?

How can we prevent bullying?

What do you think is the appropriate punishment for bullying?

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Megan Fisher

Megan Fisher19th November 2007 at 4:10pm


I don't think there is a punishment for bullying. Because nothing ever works! If they get excluded, they'll just get their mates to carry on bullying you.

R Boutinaud

R Boutinaud19th November 2007 at 4:01pm

Teachers don't understand

Teachers just don't understand! They say that we should tell them if we are being bullied, but what they don't get is, if we tell on them, it makes the bullies more mad and gives them more reason for coming after us! And they'll do it out of school, then they'll say, if you tell anyone, well get you harder next time! And they will! Teachers think if we tell on the bullies, they'll tell them off, or tell their parents, and it'll all stop. But it doesn't happen like that!